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Latest publication by Jörg F. Zinke

Publicity „just-in-time“ – strategic brand communication by retail media

Prevention of creeping brand erosion by generating consumer preferences (buying decision) via strategic brand communication at the Point Of Purchase.

The recently published survey by Jorg F. Zinke describes possibilities of strategic brand communication at the POS (better referred to as Point Of Purchase or POP) by use of existing relevant retail media formats in the fight against values annihilating price competition at retailers and shows ways how the creeping brand erosion which is observed in nearly all product categories can be stopped.

Werbung “just-in-time” – strategische Markenkommunikation durch Retail Medien (Publicity “just-in-time” – strategic brand communication by retail media), 1. Edition, GRIN Verlag GmbH, Munich, Feb. 2013

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